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I decided to dust off my tumblr after not using it for a looong time. This has quickly become my favorite glitter polish! It’s not as dramatic as other glitter polishes might be, but it’s still eye-catching. I highly recommend it.

Polish used:

-Base: Revlon (Cotton Candy)

-Top: Urban Outfitters (Afterhours)

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Anonymous Asked: i loooooooooooooooooooooove your tumblr!!!!!:)

thank you!!! i appreciate it!

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Snowflakes on my roommate Gina’s nails per request!

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daatass Asked: Your nail blog is the shit. <33 :D

thanks homedog! although i should update it more lolol

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The result of this design is caused by me being too lazy to do the same design as my thumb+index finger to my other nails tee heeeee

Polish Used (in order):

-Essie (Midnight Cami)

-Art Club (Solid Silver)

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swooshy whooshes! i’ve been obsessed with Essie’s Luxeffects line, i’m planning to buy more in the near future

Polish Used (in order)

-Nicole by OPI (Star of the Party)

-Essie (Shine of the Times)

-Art Club (Black)

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Fading round 2 with a nice transition from warm to cool. This time I tried the paper towel dabbing technique, which worked out pretty well. A glitter polish seals the deal :D

Polish Used (in order):

-Essie (Turquoise & Caicos)

-Sinful Colors (Pull Over)

-Sinful Colors (Smoking Hot)

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just messing around with some linezzzzzzzz (not my best quality picture but the only one I took for some reason)

Polish Used (in order):

-Rimmel 60 Seconds (Deliciously Dark)

-Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro (Red Rock)

-Art Club (Solid Silver)

-L.A. Colors Art Deco (White)

-Art Club (Black)

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These are the nails you should have if you need to be rescued in an avalanche. They’re pretty bright o_o

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